Friday, June 8, 2012

We Apologize....

Out of all the letters I’ve received, I have never ever received a letter in a postal bag. This letter came like this in a bag. The envelope is ripped in two, there’s a front piece and a back piece. My pen pal also sent me stickers on a sheet and two are missing. So since it came like this, I can’t help but assume they took two stickers. I don’t know how this happened and if they did take two stickers, which post office did it (I’m hoping it’s not mine, because then I’ll find another one after I complain), but either way, taking the stickers or not, I’ll most likely complain.

Has this ever happened to you?

I'll be back on Sunday to post the letters I've received this week.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. That's happened to me before. Maybe not quite that bad though.

  2. That happen to me like 2-3 times, I don't know sometime that stuff happens.

  3. I once got a letter in a plastic bag, it wasn't anyone's fault though - my pen pal used a glue that was too weak for her envelope's kind of paper, so it simply opened itself. I don't think anything disappeared from inside.

    I have already seen some people complaining their mail came damaged... But I never ever met a case like this! O_O I didn't even know something like this is possible! Nothing is safe these days it seems, even our letters...

    By the way, did I just notice "Phineas and Ferb" on the pink sheet~? ;3

  4. Yes, it has happened to me once! My penpal letter from New Zealand arrived in a plastic bag because the envelope was torn up. My pen-pal had sent me a bunch of coins, but I only got one. I guess her envelope couldn't handle the weight of the coins, so it got ruined :( I was so upset though because maybe the post office took the rest of the coins.

  5. Yes, I get this problem with my post in London from time to time. Usually they tend to open it and have a peek inside. Although, so far, they have not stolen anything. #touchwood they dont either. Lots of love, light & sparkles.