Friday, January 13, 2012

Snail Mail Part 2

A letter from my pen pal Kaylin in MA. We've become really good friends through the letters and I hope we can meet one day and hang out.

A letter from my pen pal Asena in Turkey. This is her first letter to me and my first Turkish pen pal. And I'm her first pen pal from the US.

A letter from my pen pal Stephanie. This is her first letter to me.

A letter from Olga in England.

A letter from Allison. I love the little animal stickers!

A Christmas card and letter from Amy in Australia. I need to respond back to her, which I'll probably do today. She's my first pen pal from Australia.

A letter from Courtnee. I love becoming pen pals with other people who have my name. Anyway, this is from October and I'm a little late in responding, so I'll work on that today.

And a Christmas card and letter from Kelci in VA. Once again, I'm a little late in replying and I need to respond today.

Another post like this will be up tonight and next week.

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy National Letter Writing Week!

This “holiday” runs from January 9th-16th, so we’re right in the middle of it! And make sure to get all your letters out before US postage goes up on January 22nd.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Letter Ledger

The Letter Ledger: To keep track of your ingoing & outgoing correspondence.

According to the Etsy listing:

Here’s a little place for you to document some essentials (if you’re that type of person with such a letter-writing regimen):
  • the date you receive the letter & the details you wish to remember from it
  • the items you wish to highlight in your letter back & the date you send it
  • the bit of card or stationery you used for your reply
On the inside front of the ledger there’s a small envelope to keep hold of postage, & at the back, some space to note names & addresses of frequent (or not-so-frequent) correspondents.

I really want this. But it's so expensive, $14 plus shipping, and I don't know if I'm willing to spend that much. I might make something similar for myself  or maybe I'll splurge (if it's still available).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snail Mail Part 1

Over the next few days/weeks I'll be documenting all the letters (and cards) that I've received.

This is my box of letters that I've received and responded to. I'm running out of room in that box and may have to start on a second box.

A Christmas card from Charley from England. 

A letter from my pen pal Verena in CA. 

A letter from my pen pal Agape in CA. 

A letter from my pen pal Breanne in CA.

A Christmas card from Laura. Isn't it cute? 

A handmade Christmas card and ornament from Jamie.

Another letter from my pen pal Breanne. 

A letter from my pen pal Erin. 

And a small little gift and note from my pen pal Agape. I sent her a Hello Kitty ornament for Christmas and she sent me some decorative tape and stationary. And the envelope is adorable, I must say. 

That's all for now! There will be more posts like this within the next few weeks. 

Have a lovely day!