Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mail Update

I didn't have a chance to post the mail I received last Sunday, so here's all the mail I received in the past two weeks. 
 From Stephanie in Washington. 

From Amanda in Oregon.

From Stephanie in Illinois.

From Nana in Indonesia. 

From Agape in California.

From Erin in California.

From Amelia in England.

From Lindsay in Nebraska.  

From Cynthia in France. 

From Meghan in Ohio. 

From Izzati in Malaysia. 

From Naoual in Germany.  

And last but not least, from Frida in Norway.

That's all for today!

I'll be posting another mail update on Friday, since I'll be away on vacation from June 30th to July 6th. So after Friday, the next update will be on July 7th. 

Have a lovely day!

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