Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Snail Mail

I'm really sorry I've neglected this blog. To be honest, I've been kind of lazy and I just didn't feel like taking pictures of all the letters that haven't made it on here. But I'm going to make a promise to myself to document the rest today and tomorrow, since I'm off and I have nothing to do.

Letters I've responded to:

A letter and postcard from Laura in California. 

A letter from Gina in New Hampshire. She also sent me a mixed CD and in return I made her one. 

A letter from Samantha in California. 

A letter from Sarah in Georgia. 

Another letter from Laura in California. I just responded to the letter a few days ago. 

A letter from Julia in Texas. 

Letters I've received and haven't responded to just yet:

A letter from Lisa in Georgia. 

A letter from Breanne in California. I have the same paper!

A letter from Arial in Illinois, who I'm currently responding to as I write this. 

A letter from Erin in California. 

A letter from Jacqueline in Georgia. 

A letter from TaMyra in North Carolina. I love the teapot stamp on the envelope!

A letter from Grace in California. 

A letter from Sara in Georgia. I love the stationary! 

A letter from Minna in Finland! I love the fact that I have a pen pal in Finland. 

A letter from Yanill in Florida. 

A letter/postcard from Allison. 

A letter from Stephanie in Texas.

Another letter from Samantha in California.

A letter from Keisha in England. She's originally from Norway, but she's living in England for college. This letter took 4 months to come! Apparently, it got sent back to her and she had to re-send it. I didn't get it until April 28th, which is 4 months from the day she wrote it. 

A letter from Jessica in Canada. I love the stationary!

A letter from Anna in Australia. 

A letter from Seana in Florida.

That's it for it today! I believe I documented every single letter and card I've receive, if not, oh well! 

Have a lovely day!

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